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Twin Grass Bag LT Series 92cm

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Mantis 4222 Aerator Attachment

Aerate your lawn every year for a green carpet free from unsightly weeds. The Mantis lawn aerator cuts thousands of tiny slits in your lawn, encouraging beneficial micro-organisms in the soil. It is the single most important measure for a healthy, green lawn.
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Mantis 6222 Tiller Planter/Furrower Attachment

The Mantis 6222 has two special tines dig deep, 6" wide furrows, perfect for tomato plants and corn, beans, potato eyes, asparagus roots, onion sets, and flower bulbs. You get drought-resistant root growth and excellent yields from root crops. Great for tilling in narrow areas. Saves time and energy in the garden! The Mantis tiller planter attachment is also perfect for creating raised beds, cutting trenches for underground irrigation hoses, or low-voltage accent and patio lighting.
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Husqvarna 450kg Straight Loading Ramps 200 X 1500 X 35

Straight made of sea water resistant aluminium with the well-known slip resistant surface O3, which gives any wheel a secure grip even in wet and slippery environments. The loading ramps are well suited for use on trailers. The ramps are sold in pairs.  
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Mantis 7321 Tiller Aerator/Dethatcher Combo

Buy the two Lawn Care Attachments together for even better results! Aerator Attachment cuts into the soil under your lawn with four sets of tempered steel "knives," to permit easy absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients. Perfect to use in compact, clay soil. Aerate before over seeding or spot seeding your lawn. Dethatcher Attachment quickly removes weeds and the tan-looking built-up "thatch" that can choke your lawn. The 60 spring-steel picks let you dethatch a 15" / 38.1 cm swath with a single pass. Buy both lawn care attachments now and save. Aerating and dethatching are necessary for a beautiful lawn. Save time AND money!
  • These attachments are only compatible with Mantis Tillers (Except the XP 3550 and 3558 tiller models)
Tiller sold separately.
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Mantis 1622 Tilling Tine Set

  • Mantis Tiller Tines
  • Mantis Patented Serpentine Tines slice through compact soil and hard clay
  • Till up to 10 inches deep and 9 inches wide.
  • Reversible for shallow cultivating up to 3 inches deep.
  • Replacement Tilling Tines for all Mantis Tiller/Cultivators, Mantis Patented Serpentine Tines slice through compact soil and hard clay. Till up to 10 inches deep and 9 inches wide. (Tiller not included).
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Husqvarna Flail Mower (Fits 300 Series)

Robust, reliable flail mower for rough areas with overgrown grass and low brushwood. Working width 90 cm. Recommended for use on AWD-models only. R320X AWD, R316TSX AWD
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Husqvarna TRO050 – Pair of Curved Loading Ramps

Convenient curved ramps, of saltwater-resistant aluminium. The ramps have an efficient non-slip surface which provides good grip for many different types of tyres. Suit trailers with a height up to 700 mm and a max load of 450 alt. 1000 kg.
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Cub Cadet OEMR190-180A Double Bagger For 42- and 46-inch Decks

Twin bags without blades, 200 litres, for 96 cm side discharge models This double bag grass collection system mounts quickly and easily to your lawn mower. The vented Nylon bags provide superior strength and airflow to reduce grass from clogging. Fits Riding Mowers including XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series Models (2010- )
  • Integrated hood design
  • Flex tubing for visual of grass flow and increased shipping efficiencies
  • Top hinged hood so you do not have to flip the seat up to empty the bags
  • Improved bag material
  • Sight window to let you know when the bags are full
Please Note: the image is an example of what is available.
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Mantis 3222 Tiller Border Edger Attachment

The Mantis border edger attachment makes it easy to beautify your property with sharp, clean edges around paths, flower beds and bushes. Wheel and hardened spring-steel blade attaches easily to your tiller. The Mantis border edger cuts neat, crisp edges to the turf where your flower beds meet the lawn. Maintains a sharp edge between lawn and gardens. Can be used with the wheel kit.
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Mantis 4333 Kick Stand

  • Stand function for all Classic Mantis garden tiller
  • Easily attaches to the base of the Tiller handles
  • Tilts up or down for immediate use
  • Sturdy solid steel construction
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