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5605 007 1000

1/4″ Pitch

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Husqvarna QC500 Quick Charge Battery Charger

The Husqvarna QC500 Charger is optimised for fast charging of Husqvarna backpack batteries, plus the integrated BLi300 battery. 500W output with active battery cooling charges batteries up to 50% faster than our QC330 charger, cutting downtime as it increases productivity. RECOMMENDED FOR BLi300 battery. HUSQVARNA BACKPACK BLI950 BUT WORKS WITH THE WHOLE RANGE OF BLI BATTERIES
BLi10 2.0 Ah 967091601
BLi20 4.0 Ah 967091701
40-B70 2.0 Ah 970457101
40-B140 4.0 Ah 970457201
BLi30 7.5 Ah 967937701
BLi100 2.6 Ah  967091801
BLI200 5 Ah 967091901
BLi200X 5.2 Ah 970448901
BLi300 9.4 Ah  967071901
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GTM Chippers Tow Bar (FOR MSGTS900 & MSGTS1300G)

Optional extra accessory for the MSGTS900 & MSGTS1300G Chipper.
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Classen C900037 Blade Conversion kit 18″to 16″

Classen 16" Conversion Kit for SC-18, SC-20 & SC-241 Easily change the existing blade on your Classen Sod Cutter to any of these blade sizes in minutes!
  • 16" conversion kit
  • Fits: SC-18, SC-20, SC-241
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Classen C900019 blade conversion kit 18″to 24″

Classen 24" conversion kit for SC-18 &SC-20 Easily change the existing blade on your Classen Sod Cutter to any of these blades sizes in minutes!
  • 24" conversion kit
  • Fits: SC-18 & SC-20
  • Not recommended for HSC185
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Classen C900027 Slicing Blade Assembly

Sharpen on both sides, designed to slice through surface root grasses like bermudagrass. Also exception for use as aerator for sandy soil grasses. Deep slicing blades for thatch a 1/2” or deeper. Ideal for harder soils where deeper soil slicing is necessary. The unique design of the blades, with a cutting edge on both sides, doubles the blade life.
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GTM Chippers Rattlewedge Splitter

The Rattle Wedge is a patented tool developed by tree climbers for tree climbers, and this to improve safety and working conditions when disassembling trees. Previously, the tree specialist had to maneuver in difficult positions or rely on the help of employees on the ground to drop pieces of stem in the right direction. Now the tree climber can easily handle large pieces of trunk. You must have seen it to believe it! The Rattle Wedge, made of lightweight aluminum, weighs just 1.4 kg and can easily be taken into the tree. The Rattle Wedge is also an important tool for the chainsaw. In the circumstances where the saw blade threatens to get stuck, it is easy to turn the ratchet wedge into the saw cut, so that there is no pressure on the blade. If the cut is full and there is maximum pressure on the wedge, you can simply unscrew it again. The Rattle Wedge will no doubt become basic equipment for every professional tree climber within a short time!
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HUSQVARNA QC80F 12v Car Battery charger

A compact Husqvarna battery charger with 12V-socket. For safe and efficient in-car charging of Li-ion BLi batteries.
BLi10 2.0 Ah 967091601
BLi20 4.0 Ah 967091701
40-B70 2.0 Ah 970457101
40-B140 4.0 Ah 970457201
BLi30 7.5 Ah 967937701
BLi100 2.6 Ah  967091801
BLI200 5 Ah 967091901
BLi200X 5.2 Ah 970448901
BLi300 9.4 Ah  967071901
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Lawnflite TPSS125-SSE 125LB/56KG Walk Behind Spreader – Salt, Fertiliser or Seed (Last one remaining, when its gone, its gone)

**Special Winter Offer **

The Tondu TPSS125-SSE garden spreader is a new pushed machine offering great versatility and all-year-round use. It will spread salt with ease on slippery paths and driveways in the winter as well as covering lawns with fertiliser and sand in the summer. It features an impressive spreading width of up to 12 feet, enabling you to cover a lot of area in a single pass. This spreader features a poly hopper that can hold 56kg (125lbs) of spread material and is resistant to chemical corrosion. The rate setting control on the handle allows precise adjustments to the rate of flow. With a tubular steel frame, the Tondu 60 litre spreader comes with hopper screen to prevent large particles from getting into the hopper, as well as rain cover to keep material dry and free-flowing. A pair of large 14"pneumatic tyres ensure the spreader remains reassuringly stable when being maneuvered on inclines and rough ground. This Tondu TPSS125-SSE  walk-behind spreader is superb value for money and in addition to seed and fertiliser, is also suitable for spreading salt and ice melt during the winter months. To avoid clumping/clogging when using the spreader for melting ice or snow we recommend you use either a fine grade or coarse grade de-icer. Please remember to clean this product after use. Failure to do so may result in corrosion and/or part failure. Features:
  • Tubular steel frame and heavy-duty axle
  • Well-balanced and easy to push
  • Rate setting control on handle
  • Heavy-duty aluminium gear
  • Corrosion-resistant poly hopper
  • Wide pneumatic tyres for stability
  • Hopper screen and rain cover
DELIVERY OPTIONS: In the basket, you will be able to choose:
  • CLICK AND COLLECT –  Fully assembled from our Peterborough Showroom.
  • FREE DELIVERY – Within 40 miles of Peterborough.  Boxed with some self assembly needed.
  • UK MAINLAND FLAT RATE £15 Boxed with some self assembly needed.
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Classen C900026 Multipurpose Blade Assembly

Deep slicing blades for thatch a 1/2” or deeper, commonly the standard blade real on over seeders where deeper soil slicing is necessary .The unique design of the blades with a cutting edge on both ends doubles the blade life, Ideal for harder soils fits Classen turf rakes.
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Toro 81825 60v Max 2.5 Amp Hour, 135 Watt Lithium-Ion Battery

toro-2-logo-png-transparent Take charge of the garden with the Toro Flex-Force Power System 60 Volt L135 Lithium-Ion battery. Get maximum power, performance and runtime from the intelligent battery software. The Flex-Force Power System automatically optimizes the interchangeable battery's performance for each product/application, so you always get the most out of your experience. L135 battery is compatible with all Toro 60V Flex-Force Power System tools. Battery charger is compatible with all Toro Flex-Force tools (81802) *Battery manufacturer rating = 60 Volts maximum and 54 Volts typical usage actual voltage varies with load
  • 60 Volts max, 2.5 Amp-hour, 135 Watt-hour
  • Comes standard with Toro 60 Volts handheld products (not included with bare tools)
  • On-board power meter with 4 LEDs so you always know how much power you have left
  • Get extra run time with a spare interchangeable battery for your Toro Flex-Force products
60V 2 Amp Battery Charger 81802


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