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This Bioclip fits following tractors: TC138, TC142T,

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Hayter CODE120A 60V Charger 2AH



Hayter Toro 60V Charger for Green Series / Flex-Force Power Systems The Hayter 60V Charger is an easy and safe charging unit for all of the 60V batteries. This charger can either sit on a shelf or be hung on the wall and the easy to read LED indicator will show when the battery is fully charged. 60v Sold excluding battery. For use with the following Hayter Batteries
CODE102A Battery 2.5Ah 60V
CODE104A Battery 4.0Ah 60V
CODE106A Battery 6.0Ah 60V
CODE107A Battery 7.5Ah 60V
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GTM Chippers Rattlewedge Splitter

The Rattle Wedge is a patented tool developed by tree climbers for tree climbers, and this to improve safety and working conditions when disassembling trees. Previously, the tree specialist had to maneuver in difficult positions or rely on the help of employees on the ground to drop pieces of stem in the right direction. Now the tree climber can easily handle large pieces of trunk. You must have seen it to believe it! The Rattle Wedge, made of lightweight aluminum, weighs just 1.4 kg and can easily be taken into the tree. The Rattle Wedge is also an important tool for the chainsaw. In the circumstances where the saw blade threatens to get stuck, it is easy to turn the ratchet wedge into the saw cut, so that there is no pressure on the blade. If the cut is full and there is maximum pressure on the wedge, you can simply unscrew it again. The Rattle Wedge will no doubt become basic equipment for every professional tree climber within a short time!
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GTM Chippers Tow Bar (FOR MSGTS900 & MSGTS1300G)

Optional extra accessory for the MSGTS900 & MSGTS1300G Chipper.
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Toro 81802 60v Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

  toro-2-logo-png-transparent Take charge of the garden with Toro Flex-Force Power System 60V Battery Charger. Charges the L135, L324 and L405 batteries. The charger is compatible with the Toro Flex-Force tools and batteries. *Battery manufacturer rating = 60 Volts maximum and 54 Volts typical usage actual voltage varies with load
  • Charges Toro Flex-Force L135, L324 and L405 batteries
  • Light indicators noting state of charge and battery; Table top or wall mount option; Comes standard with Flex-Force tools (not included with bare tools)
  • Works with all Toro Flex-Force tools
  • Input voltage – 100-240 V AC; 50/60 Hz,
Works with the Following Toro Batteries





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Husqvarna Battery charger QC330 330W

Husqvarna battery chargers for Li-ion batteries provide fast and smart charging. FOR USE WITH HUSQVARNA BLI BATTERY RANGE
BLi10 2.0 Ah 967091601
BLi20 4.0 Ah 967091701
40-B70 2.0 Ah 970457101
40-B140 4.0 Ah 970457201
BLi30 7.5 Ah 967937701
BLi100 2.6 Ah  967091801
BLI200 5 Ah 967091901
BLi200X 5.2 Ah 970448901
BLi300 9.4 Ah  967071901
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Husqvarna Voltage Inverter V1600F

* HUSQVARNA Voltage Inverter V1600F    
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Agri-Fab 45-0457 Smart Link Dethatcher Needs A Base *42″/106CM Thatching Width*

The Agri-Fab 45-0457 tine dethatcher easily clears away thatch build up for a lush lawn. Needs a base (45-0473) The SmartLINK system from Agri-Fab makes it easier than ever to take great care of your lawn. It's a totally unique system of grooming attachments that is designed to be easy to use, easy to store and easy to afford. Just start with the SmartLINK Master Platform and choose the tools you want for the results you want.
  • Easy to Assemble Easy assembly means you can finish your yard chores quicker.
  • Easy to Use Thanks to a patented locking system, you can change attachments in seconds without tools.
  • Easy to Store The platform and attachments can be stored off the floor in your garage or toolshed saving valuable space.

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DELIVERY OPTIONS: In the basket, you will be able to choose:
  • CLICK AND COLLECT -  Fully assembled from our Peterborough Showroom.
  • FREE DELIVERY - Within 40 miles of Peterborough.  Boxed with some self assembly needed.
  • UK MAINLAND FLAT RATE £15 Boxed with some self assembly needed.

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Classen C900007 blade conversion kit 18″ to 20″

Classen C900007 Conversion Kit 20" Blade For Sod Cutters Easily change the existing blade on your Classen Sod Cutter to any of these blades sizes in minutes!
  • Includes the 20” blade, adapters, and fasteners
  • For use on Classen SC-18 and SC-24 sod cutters
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Classen C900045 spring tine reel assembly

Ideal for annual thin to moderate thatch control. Pliable tines gently rake through the grass without slicing the soil or causing damage to above ground implements like sprinkler heads The complete reel comes assembled and includes end plates, bearings, and fasteners.
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Classen C900003 Flail Blade Assembly

Flail blades: Common standard blade used to treat moderate thatch levels. Ideal for deep rooted grasses. Blades both lift thatch and thinly slice soil surface.
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