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Fits: R 214TC, R 214T and R 216T AWD

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Husqvarna 400 series Cutting Deck – Combi Turf 122CM

High-performance 122 cm (48") Combi deck. An innovative technical solution from Husqvarna results in a combination deck with the cutting methods mulching and rear discharge included in one and same deck. Heavy-duty deck design consist of 1-piece stamped steel plate.
Original price was: £2,319.00.Current price is: £2,041.00. Add to basket

Stihl FCS-MM Straight Shaft Edger Kombi Tool

For edging along walkways and planting beds. Adjustable depth control wheel and built-in blade "sight" helps with making the correct cut. Only suitable for loop handle Kombi Engines.
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Stihl BF-KM Pick Tine Kombi Tool

Pick tine Kombi Tool for the STIHL Kombi System. A lightweight cultivator for getting into tight places. Ideal for rejuvenation of flower beds and plantings, and for mixing amendments into the soil.
£245.00 Add to basket

Husqvarna Sweeper SR600-2 Combi Attachment

Turn your Husqvarna combi tool into a sweeper. This SR600-2 rubber broom attachment suitable for Husqvarna's 129LK, 525LK and 535LK has a working width of 60 cm, while allowing you to sweep sand and gravel from paths, driveways and lawns. It comes with the guard included and has a shaft diameter of 24 mm.
Original price was: £479.00.Current price is: £422.00. Add to basket

Husqvarna BA101 Blower Combi Attachment

Blower attachment for combi products. Powerful blower that frees paths and driveways from leaves, litter and grass clippings. Shaft diameter 24 mm.
Original price was: £186.00.Current price is: £164.00. Add to basket

Husqvarna Tiller CA230 Combi Attachment

Husqvarna Cultivator Attachment CA230 is a tiller designed to attach to the 525LK and the 129LK.  The Husqvarna CA230 is Ideal on delicate flowerbeds and around the base of trees. Shaft diameter 24 mm.
Original price was: £289.00.Current price is: £254.00. Add to basket

Stihl 1m Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft For KM-HT & KM-HL Kombi Tools

The aluminium shaft extension has a reach extension of 50cm. For use with the HT-KM and HL-KM Kombi Tools.
Original price was: £129.00.Current price is: £127.00. Add to basket

Husqvarna 535LK Combi Power Unit with Strimmer

High-powered, heavy duty professional combi trimmer with reliable X-Torq® engine. Quick connection system compatible with existing Husqvarna attachments for maximum versatility and maximum productivity. Anti-vibration system and soft-grip handles ensure comfortable use even during long shifts. Comes with trimmer attachment
Original price was: £749.00.Current price is: £659.00. Add to basket

Stihl FS-KM Straight Shaft Brush Cutter With Auto Cut C26-2 Mowing Head Kombi Tool

The STIHL FS-KM lawn trimmer Kombi Tool with an Auto Cut C 26-2 mowing head is the perfect attachment for trimming along edges and around obstacles. Refilling the line couldn’t be easier with the Auto Cut mowing head. Whether you are edging up the lawn, mowing and trimming around obstacles or even general grass maintenance, the FS-KM lawn trimmer’s straight shaft is strong and durable. The FS-KM lawn trimmer is also a versatile tool as you can use a range of different cutting attachments, including our Super Cut, Poly Cut and Duro Cut mowing heads. These different mowing heads allow you to complete mowing, trimming and thinning work on large areas with great ease. Suitable for all Kombi Engines.
£215.00 Add to basket

Husqvarna 300 series Combi 103 Cutting Deck

103 cm Combi cutting deck, offering BioClip and rear ejection cutting mode.
Original price was: £1,299.00.Current price is: £1,143.00. Add to basket
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