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GTM Professional
Diameter of Branches 10 cm / 4″
Input Height 125 cm / 49.2″
Input Dimensions 34 x 42 cm / 13.4 x 16.5”
Output Height 160 cm / 63″
Output Direction adjustable
Deflector 85 degrees adjustable
Safety Items Panic bar, safety switches
Wheel Diameter 40 cm / 15.7″
Wheels On ball-bearings
Transmission Double V-belts
Blades Pro blades
Dimensions (L x W x H) 215 x 72 x 170 cm / 84.6 x 28 x 67″
Engine Options GTS1300RG / GTS1300RG-e / GTS1300RM
Type GTE390 / GTE390 / Mitsubishi GT1300
RRP inc VAT £5,999 / £6,199 / £6,599
Displacement 389cc / 389cc / 391cc
Max. Power hp /kW 13 / 9.6
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GTM Chippers Rattlewedge Splitter

The Rattle Wedge is a patented tool developed by tree climbers for tree climbers, and this to improve safety and working conditions when disassembling trees. Previously, the tree specialist had to maneuver in difficult positions or rely on the help of employees on the ground to drop pieces of stem in the right direction. Now the tree climber can easily handle large pieces of trunk. You must have seen it to believe it! The Rattle Wedge, made of lightweight aluminum, weighs just 1.4 kg and can easily be taken into the tree. The Rattle Wedge is also an important tool for the chainsaw. In the circumstances where the saw blade threatens to get stuck, it is easy to turn the ratchet wedge into the saw cut, so that there is no pressure on the blade. If the cut is full and there is maximum pressure on the wedge, you can simply unscrew it again. The Rattle Wedge will no doubt become basic equipment for every professional tree climber within a short time!
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Stihl GH 460 Petrol Shredder

R If you are looking for a multi-shredder for high working volumes and expansive plots of land, the STIHL petrol garden shredder GH 460 is the perfect choice. Equipped with a powerful petrol engine, the garden shredder is able to shred large amounts of hard tree cuttings and woody hedge cuttings as well as soft green cuttings and foliage. The blade unit can shred branches up to 60 mm thick into fine chips in no time at all. There are two separate feed opening available for different types of clippings. The twin-chamber system leads to two special blade types for hard and soft clippings, and guarantees quick, precision working results in the long term. The GH 460 is characterised by a high power output and extensive safety features such as the One click/One turn safety switch. Turning the closure screw stops the motor immediately. With pneumatic tyres and a wide chassis, you can tilt and move the garden shredder to any part of the garden that needs tidying with minimal effort and independently of the power supply. FREE DELIVERY, ASSEMBLED AND READY TO USE* 475-4758648_free-delivery-logo-png-transparent-png *Within 40 Miles of Peterborough
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GTM Chippers – Wooden Push Tool – (suitable for MSGTS1300COMPO/E)

For pushing large quantities of soft material into the input. Only suitable for the MSGTS1300COMPO/E
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Loncin 6500 A Series Generator – Ex Display Unit

Loncin 6500 A Series Electric start 5.5kw Generator c/w wheel kit. This price includes vat at current rates.   We HAND DELIVER all of our equipment, so you get the best experience your machine, as long as you are in our 40-mile delivery area. We will AGREE A DELIVERY DAY AND TIME and keep you informed of all developments. Your machine will arrive ASSEMBLED, TESTED, WITH OIL & SOME FUEL and CLEAN. You will receive a COMPREHENSIVE HANDOVER from our trained engineers. We remain on hand should there be any AFTER SALES needs. We offer our Premium service with FREE DELIVERY within 40 MILES OF PETERBOROUGH If you live further away, please contact us before your purchase to check the delivery availability and cost to your post code.
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GTM Chippers GTS900 V3 Loncin Engine G300 302CC

Designed for semi professional and domestic applications, the GTM Professional GTS900 is a powerful garden chipper with a capacity to chip branches up to 80mm in diameter. The chipping mechanism is a drum on which two blades are mounted. Branches are easily drawn in and chipped, and safety is ensured thanks to the emergency stop feature. The GTM Professional GTS900 is powered by a high performance 9hp Loncin engine and the large 400mm wheels and handle enable easy transportation. Please note this product come with wooden push tool (GTSM110001000) and grid (GTSM039084000) as standard.
        Aspen 4 Alkylate 4 Stroke Fuel - 5 Litres - RTC Groundcare, The Groundcare Centre (
We HAND DELIVER this product so you get the best experience of your new machine. We will AGREE A DELIVERY DAY AND TIME and keep you informed of all developments. Your mower will arrive ASSEMBLED, TESTED, FUELLED and CLEANED. You will receive a COMPREHENSIVE HANDOVER from our trained engineers. We REGISTER YOUR WARRANTY and remain on hand should there be any AFTER SALES needs. We offer our Premium service with FREE DELIVERY within 40 MILES OF PETERBOROUGH. If you live further away please contact us before your purchase to check the delivery availability and cost to your post code.
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GTM Chippers For Tractor CAT.1 PTO Shaft 4″ Cut

The GTM Professional 1800P wood chipper is a powerful and compact wood chipper that connects to the PTO shaft of all brands of tractors up to 50hp (min 25hp) with Category 1 linkage. This machine can handle branches up to 14cm (dry wood up to 12cm) due to its wide input and aggressive pulling power. The shredding system is made up of a metal drum (rotor) with PRO 2 blades mounted on it. The fine wood chips are ejected high through the adjustable deflector-equipped turnable output chute. A trailer can be attached to the back of the machine and directly discharged with the wood chips. The wood chipper comes standard with a 270° turnable output. The output deflector is adjustable up to 100°, allowing the chips to be ejected in any direction. The 1800P complies with the most stringent safety standards, including the forestry standard (EN 13525:2020). The drive of the drum is mechanically interrupted and decelerated by pressing the panic bar. There is no need for an electrical connection with the tractor for this. As a result, safety is always independent of any device on the tractor.
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Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower

Featuring a 28cc petrol engine with an integral Zama C1Q carburettor, this Husqvarna hand-held blower delivers a maximum power speed of 8000rpm. Ideal for the professional and home-user, the machine is well balanced and a doddle to manoeuvre due to the in-line nozzle outlet that serves a power output of 0.8kw (1.1hp) and an air-flow of 171mph (76m/s). Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting, and the blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance. The Husqvarna 125B controls are well gathered and easy to access, and fan speed can be set for easier handling.
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GTM Chippers – Hour Counter – Fits to all Models

Hour counter, fits all model GTM Chippers
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GTM Chippers GTS750 270CC G270F Loncin Engine

The 750 has the same compact dimensions as the 600, but even more capacity due to a wider and heavier rotor system. The wood chipper is equipped with a strong 9 hp Loncin engine and direct transmission to the chipping system. Branches up to 7 cm are automatically pulled inside and shredded effortlessly, resulting in perfectly sized wood chips. The chipped material is ideal as ground cover in borders and garden paths. Next to branches, it is also possible to feed leaves or other soft material into the machine, so that garden waste can be repurposed as mulch or compost. With an output height of 77 cm, a wheelbarrow easily fits underneath the machine to collect the chips. The deflector is adjustable up to 60° to determine the height of the ejected material. The 750 is perfectly balanced and stands on a robust frame with two pneumatic tires. The machine is easy to move by means of the double handles on the input. An emergency button is mounted on the frame that immediately stops the engine in emergency situations. The 750 also has a folding function, so that the input can be tilted back to take up even less space in the storage. In addition, the folding function facilitates maintenance of the machine, such as when changing the blades.
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GTM Chippers GTS1800 on Caterpillar Tracks GX630 V Twin Honda Engine

Powerful but still compact tracked chipper.
The GTS 1800 RH-H with 21 HP Honda engine is a self-propelled powerful woodchipper on tracks for professional use in the field of tree maintenance and landscaping. With the GTS 1800 RH-H you can chip fresh cut wood with a maximum diameter of 12 cm (4.4”) and dry wood of 10 cm (3”). The self-propelled tracks are powered by a Honda GX630 engine. It has three speeds forward (1.8, 3.6 and 4.5 km/h) and one reverse speed (1.1 km/h). This machine is designed to easily move through difficult and hilly terrain. That way you can always manoeuvre the GTS 1800 RH-H to where you are working and process your pruning waste on the spot.   The driving system can handle slopes up to 20°, so you can easily drive the machine in a van or onto a trailer. With a 270° turnable output, the wood chips are ejected in any direction. Despite its high performance and robust construction, it still passes through all regular garden gates with a width of only 73 cm.   The safety switches on the input and output block the operation of the machine during maintenance work.  For optimum safety during this work the rotation of the rotor can also be blocked with the rotor lock.
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