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Manufacturer Husqvarna

SKU 586637201

Fit  Aerator and Dethatcher.

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Stihl RL-MM Perforates The Surface Of The Lawn With This Aerator Multi Tool

Uniformly perforates the surface of the lawn so that it can breath again, thus considerably improving the supply of nutrients and root growth.
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Agri-Fab 45-0457 Smart Link Dethatcher Needs A Base *42″/106CM Thatching Width*

The Agri-Fab 45-0457 tine dethatcher easily clears away thatch build up for a lush lawn. Needs a base (45-0473) The SmartLINK system from Agri-Fab makes it easier than ever to take great care of your lawn. It's a totally unique system of grooming attachments that is designed to be easy to use, easy to store and easy to afford. Just start with the SmartLINK Master Platform and choose the tools you want for the results you want.
  • Easy to Assemble Easy assembly means you can finish your yard chores quicker.
  • Easy to Use Thanks to a patented locking system, you can change attachments in seconds without tools.
  • Easy to Store The platform and attachments can be stored off the floor in your garage or toolshed saving valuable space.

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DELIVERY OPTIONS: In the basket, you will be able to choose:
  • CLICK AND COLLECT -  Fully assembled from our Peterborough Showroom.
  • FREE DELIVERY - Within 40 miles of Peterborough.  Boxed with some self assembly needed.
  • UK MAINLAND FLAT RATE £15 Boxed with some self assembly needed.

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Stihl RG-KM Rotary Cutting Head Multi Tool

For effective and low-spin removal of weeds and grass from a range of surfaces such as gravel, asphalt, and paved areas
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Husqvarna HK4 Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Husqvarna HK4 Trimmer attachment for combi products is ideal to combine with a combi unit petrol performance with zero direct emission and quiet operation.  which means that you can combine the “body” of the machine with includes a this hedge trimmer and other attachment. This makes it a versatile and convenient tool for several operations depending on the task at hand.

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Stihl 1m Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft For KM-HT & KM-HL Kombi Tools

The aluminium shaft extension has a reach extension of 50cm. For use with the HT-KM and HL-KM Kombi Tools.
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HUSQVARNA QC80F 12v Car Battery charger

A compact Husqvarna battery charger with 12V-socket. For safe and efficient in-car charging of Li-ion BLi batteries.
BLi10 2.0 Ah 967091601
BLi20 4.0 Ah 967091701
40-B70 2.0 Ah 970457101
40-B140 4.0 Ah 970457201
BLi30 7.5 Ah 967937701
BLi100 2.6 Ah  967091801
BLI200 5 Ah 967091901
BLi200X 5.2 Ah 970448901
BLi300 9.4 Ah  967071901
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Mantis 8222 Crevice Cleaner Attachment

The Mantis Crevice Cleaner Attachment removes dirt and debris from cracks and other hard-to-reach places, thanks to 38 tough steel bristle brushes fixed around a sturdy 2cm wide wheel. The crevice cleaner is great for removing grass, moss and weeds from crevices in paths or between paving slabs. The Mantis Crevice Cleaner Attachment fits on the axle or your Mantis tiller and is very easy to use. It comes complete with a balancing wheel and a fender. RTC Groundcare tip: the Mantis Crevice Cleaner Attachment is easier to use with the Mantis Wheel Kit. Suitable for the Mantis Classic 7263, Deluxe 7265 and Electric Classic 7252 tillers  
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Husqvarna PK4 Pole Saw Attachment

Husqvarna PK4 Pole Saw attachment gives extra reach when needed. Cuts branches up to approximately 15 cm in thickness. Ideal to combine with a combi unit petrol performance with zero direct emission and quiet operation, which means that you can combine the “body” of the machine This makes it a versatile and convenient tool for several operations depending on the task at hand.
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Husqvarna BA101 Blower Combi Attachment

Blower attachment for combi products. Powerful blower that frees paths and driveways from leaves, litter and grass clippings. Shaft diameter 24 mm.
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Husqvarna TA850 Trimmer Attachment

This professional quality trimmer head is designed to fit Husqvarnas commercial grade 327LDX and 525LK combination trimmers, offering the power, control and efficiency required to achieve a pristine finish when working with hard to reach or fiddly areas of lawn.
Built with an efficient dual nylon cutting line and protective guard to deflect cutting and stones away from the user, this lightweight and manoeuvrable trimmer head is quick and easy to fit to your combination trimmer thanks to a handy click on attachment system.
Product Features� Lightweight dual nylon line trimmer head fits to your Husqvarna combination trimmer for precision cutting and tidying of overgrown grass, nettles and weeds � Featuring a semi-automatic Tap & Go feed system; simply tap the trimmer head against the ground to advance the cutting line � Compatible with Husqvarnas J-handle kit (available separately), featuring a tough grass blade for clearing areas thick with dense vegetation � Designed for use with Husqvarnas commercial grade combination trimmers, including the 525LK and the 535LK
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